Many in the medical field are required to have a variety of CPR certifications. There are also courses available for people with no prior-medical knowledge. All of these different options can make finding the right course difficult. However, understanding what you need has the potential to save a life.

Healthcare Professionals

Certification in CPR for healthcare providers covers specialized knowledge in treating medical emergencies. Keep track of courses you have completed by planning ahead and completing prerequisites like the Basic Life Support (BLS) course. The BLS CPR course is the foundation of providing care in the event of a cardiac emergency or choking. BLS certification is required for the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and the Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) courses.

Non-Healthcare Professionals

There are CPR courses also available for non-medical professionals. The Heartsaver course provides an opportunity for those with limited medical knowledge. These courses are ideal for caregivers. Many employers are assigning Heartsaver as required professional training. As an individual, a CPR certification is helpful in any resume.

Course and Renewal Cost

CPR course costs are made affordable through CPR Solutions. Participants will have the option to include the cost of course materials during registration. Heartsaver and BLS courses are less than $100, with the inclusion of course materials. You can reach out to your employer or HR about covering the cost of attending. Taking CPR Courses is an opportunity for meaningful professional development.

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