Why should I take a CPR Solutions class?

CPR Solutions classes are compliant with American Heart Association requirements.  Our knowledgeable, entertaining Instructors ensure each participant is confident in the knowledge and skills needed to administer aid should it be required.  We integrate AHA science and proven teaching methods in every class by using the appropriate AHA video and referencing the student manual while practicing skills and during classroom discussion.

Why should I take an American Heart Association class instead of ASHI or Red Cross?

The American Heart Association is the organization that funds the cardiovascular research by which other agencies set their guidelines.  They are the nation’s oldest and largest organization devoted to fighting heart disease and stroke.  AHA Provider cards are accepted at all hospitals nationwide.

Why do I have to take the class if I’m renewing?

Just like anything, practice makes perfect.  During CPR Solutions American Heart Association courses, we build not only cognitive memory, but muscle memory as well.  We practice the skills of resuscitation until you are comfortable recalling the steps with minimal effort.

Can I pay you extra to have you just give me a card?


Why should I take a CPR Solutions AHA courses instead of just doing it online for $12.95 in 30 minutes?

The majority of employers do not accept online certifications as valid since no manikin skills can be demonstrated.  It is one thing to learn about chest compressions and another thing entirely to do them.  Many times employers reject online certifications which can leave you scrambling at the last minute to find an in-person class and effectively paying double for the class.

My employer said I cannot do an online class yet you’re offering AHA Blended Learning courses?

AHA Blended Learning courses are different from online courses.  AHA Blending Learning courses offer the video and lecture portion of the class online.  Once that is complete you will meet with an AHA Instructor to conduct a skills testing session.  The Instructor will answer any questions you may have and allow time for practicing before administering a CPR skills test which ultimately leads to the exact same course completion card that you would receive had you done a traditional classroom based course.

I require an ADA accommodation for a physical disability. Can I still get certified?

Yes!  Our Instructors make every effort to accommodate a variety of physical disabilities.  We do require a 7 day advanced notice.

I don’t have a babysitter. Can I bring my baby/toddler/child with me to class?

Unfortunately, due to the physical nature of AHA CPR training we cannot accommodate infants and toddlers.  We do have an adjoining room that is perfect for older children you’d like to keep close that can occupy themselves with a movie/video game/tablet.  Please notify us if you plan to use this resource as we need to ensure space.

I’m not comfortable with training in a group setting. Can I do a private course?

Absolutely!  Simply call our office at 623.640.3591, and we can arrange a private course *requires an additional fee

How long does it take to get my card after class?
AHA course completion certificates are sent via email to the address provided upon registration within 12-24 hours of course completion.
I can’t find my course completion certificate. How do I get another one?
Simply click on the “Resources” tab on the home page and click on “eCards” which will take you directly to the American Heart Association website where you can enter your information to view your eCard. 
That class was fun! How can I teach CPR classes?

Click on the “Courses we Offer” tab and choose Instructor.  All the information you need to get started can be found there or give us a call at 623.640.3591.

How can I get involved in the AHA’s life saving mission without teaching CPR?

There are so many ways to get involved whether you want to host a Hands-only event online then share with friends and family or you’d like to participate in the annual American Heart Association Heart Walk in your community or maybe something as simple as being a Social Media volunteer, there are several convenient ways to get involved.  Click on our “Resources” tab or click on this link:  https://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/volunteer/volunteerForm.jsp

What is your cancellation/refund policy?
We understand that emergencies happen and you may not be able to attend the course for which you registered. We will reschedule any class to a later date with as little as 48-hour notice. No call/no show forfeits your registration fee regardless.

We will refund your class, should you need to cancel within 5 days of the class, minus a $10 service fee.

Click here to review our cancellation and refund policy

I took one of your courses last year but I don’t remember a lot of what I learned in class. Do I have to take a full course?
You do not!  You can refer the AHA Provider manual that you received in class if you have specific questions.  If you feel more comfortable you can audit any of our courses to refresh your mind at no charge!
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